Friday, February 19, 2010

Breaking News

Pope announces that Mary McKillop is to be cannonised this year ...

Mary McKillop cannonised

Tiger Woods says sorry to everyone who will believe him ...

Sorry Wood

Japs fail at using pepper spray on the Sea Shepherd crew and shoot themselves !

Meanwhile at home I finally found out what is making all that noise late at night in the kitchen , it seems that a large Eastern Water Skink has taken a liking to my dogs' food and is sneaking under the gap in my front door , pigging out and sleeping it off under the fridge , then doing the bolt back out the door at day break !



  1. Well, it's all going on hey?
    We have skinks like that in W.A, about the length of a forearm and blacker. They love dog biscuits and cat food too. Last year one hibernated under the piano! It's always interesting shambling to the loo in the middle of the middle and disturbing them at their dinner.

  2. Yeh sometimes I knock up stuff on paintshop when I get inspired lol mostly to amuse myself
    Don't mind the lizard as I can't recall seeing any bugs at this place he earns his biscuit

  3. Send him round to mine. I'll get dog bickies in specially if he can keep the bloody cockies down.

    All I'm getting is wee tiny ones about a finger long.


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