Saturday, February 13, 2010

Combat Tanks Collection

I am updating this collection on my new blog - for updated Combat Tanks Collection information go to my other blog Anzac Plastic

Churchill Mk.VII

The British Churchill Mk.VII

The latest update on the collection order , 120 issues and models are planned at this stage , as of last year due to request from CTC Forum members models from the Deagostini Panzer Collection are being merged into the CTC , the Panzer collection comprises of some 60 AFV's

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DieCast72 Panzer

DieCast72 Combat Tanks Collection

Altaya Panzer (France)

Altaya Chars de Combat (CTC Fance)

Combat Tanks Collection Forum

I am updating this collection on my new blog - for updated CTC pics go to Anzac Plastic


  1. brilliant, any chance of giving us the tanks issue numbers? I'm trying to track down the WWII era tanks but need the issue numbers as the newsagents have no idea. i can't log on to the deagostini forum either? grrrr. I got a few tigers when they came out, t34, sherman 105 and the crusader today from gleanings from yours and other posts on that forum.

  2. Hi mate , I've posted a list of all tanks above , you might also try to join the forum via the link I've posted as well , there is a small bug that stops some people joining the site
    Tanks for dropping by !


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