Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glyphs Revisted

Got an email earlier this week ...
Dear Don:

I'm an archaeologist here in the US working on a one-volume encyclopedia
tentatively titled "Encyclopedia of Speculative Archaeology" which deals
with a host of archaeological fakery. I am including an entry on the
so-called Gosford Glyphs. I am writing to request permission to use one of
the photographs of the glyphs that appeared on your website
( (It's the image
at the bottom of the page, a close up of the glyphs).

Thanks for considering my request.

Ken Feder
Sounds legit so I sent off a few photo's and shall await my free copy , cheers and my name is Steve mate.

A couple of pics I took last visit , many people have downloaded my map to the site and visited since I done the article on , my directions take them the safe way in and not trampling through the National Park nearby.
                                               The best preserved carvings , the other wall is more weathered

The dog headed Egyptian figure , a later addition from the 80's , badly done

Been a while since I added a link to the local businesses page , but got an email from the mob at Happy Herbs who have a new store at Erina and Woy Woy - check out tha erbal mon !

New Website - Enter here 


  1. Wow, Your 8th entry for this year,I'm impressed.::grin:: Yes I'm being sarcastic.

    I must go back over your blog and check your original entry, these glyths look interesting.

  2. lmao yes I was only thinking the other day I'm setting a pace I may not be able to keep up with , having said that this may well be my last words for months , just follow the article link in the story there for the full story on my site , a good little local mystery

  3. Every time I see that dog, I just crack up. A triumph of brindle genetics. How does it get any hardier than The Chewy? (The glyph is just not as attractive, sorry).
    I will check the link. Happy bloggiday.

  4. You can get a good look at his brindle staffy body in this pic with white chest blaze , he even has tiger stripes when you get closer, wire brush head attached


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