Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fruit Man

My parents moved to Woy Woy in 1964 , they purchased a block of land in Gallipoli Avenue at Blackwall and built a fibro house.
Dad was from the river country around Albury , Echuca , Wodonga and Mum was born and raised in Sans Souci , a suburb in the southern shire of Sydney.
Often we would pack the old Holden station wagon up and go visiting my Grandparents in Sans Souci , a fairly long journey in those days before all the new highways were built.
Before I could remember when I was around 3 years old on a return trip from the city , my father pulled over to help a stranded motorist near Mt White.
After giving the guy a lift home to get parts and return from his farm at Somersby they managed to get his car going and they parted ways as it got late in the evening.
Some weeks later the farmer turns up on our doorstep with a giant basket of produce from his farm , oranges , apples and other fruits , this was to continue for many years , every season we would be rewarded with a basket of fresh farm fruits.
I moved out of home when I was 20 , my father passed away when I was 22 , when I was 28 and I found myself sitting on the front step of the old house at Gallipoli again ( albiet temporarily )
A car pulls up and a young lad aged about 18 gets out , opens the back door , leans in and lifts out a washing basket full of fruit and walks up the driveway grinning.
I stand up and greet him and he hands the basket over , my memory flashes back and I say to him " Mate you guys have been doing this for years it's bloody awesome "
He says to me " My dad died years ago and he told me to keep dropping the fruit off here in repayment for being helped out all those years ago , I don't even know why or what really happened "
I told him I was too young to remember the events of that night and we laughed , shrugged shoulders and he left on his way.
I never seen the fruit man again after that day , but if you are reading this - Thanks mate

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