Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Just a few bits n pieces

Hi to Ann Marie from Calvary Funerals your link has been added to the growing local business and links directory

Hi to Kev from the Watersedge Motel in Woy Woy , nice looking site there

To the lady who wrote into the Peninsula News recently about the local ferry service dropping surfers off in the "middle of the ocean" to surf the Box Head breaks , don't be alarmed.
These guys would only have to paddle for longer through some dodgy shark infested channels if the local ferry master wasn't so kind as to offer this service.
Points awarded to whoever thought of this idea , and lets encourage our youth to do more healthy activities , sitting safe behind a keyboard is not an option
I've done the paddle out there myself many times when I was a young fella and still here to tell the tale , in fact no one has ever lost their life out there surfing the break , which is often called the best left hander on the east coast when it is working , the waves are never ending and you can ride a wave for near 500 meters or more in big swells.
It can take near 30 minutes to paddle to the break from Ettalong Point , and the same to return , many a time once we made it to the beach we'd just colapse exhausted in the sand and wake up sunburnt a couple hours later
I'm sure the Captain ensures the surfers deploy safely into the water and their added bonus is that he will be coming back that way within an hour or so if trouble does arise.
Surf on I say

Ahh and I joined Facebook and have found half of my family and many other Spillards who are possibly related
I also joined two Woy Woy Facebook groups : I survived Woy Woy High School and Woy Woy South Primary School
and there a a few pages more of Woy Woy groups like:
Drivers on the Woy Woy Peninsula are dangerous and stupid! - I feel your pain yes.
I reserve the right to get "woy woy" tattooed on my chest - fair enough , group has 1 member
Woy Woy is eating away my soul! - for emo kids who don't like the sun , salt water or sand
I was a slave @ Kmart Woy Woy - teach you not to finish your School Certificate then eh lol
Woy Woy Leagues needs to get some1 who actually knows how to run a bistro - 3 members - disgruntled former employees ?
I WENT TO WOY WOY HIGH SCHOOL IN THE 80`S-90`S AND LIVED - sadly only 2 people survived to join this group
I am proud to say I went to the Asylum and drank test tube shooters!! - 63 members who got pissed at Woy Woy Leagues Club woot !

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