Monday, October 13, 2008

Woy Woy's Haunted locations

A Halloween special tour of some locations around town that could be haunted by lost souls from long ago .........
1. The Rip ( formerly known as Webb's Reef ) a treacherous part of the entrance to the Brisbane Waters - in 1871 the ketch " Tim Whiffler " capsized in rough weather , trapped under the vessel was Mrs. Watkins and her fifteen year old daughter.
Men from the Rock Davis shipyard sailed to the scene in a whale boat and rescued the passengers on top of the upturned vessel and then turned their attentions to the trapped women , they could hear them banging on the hull and decided to cut throught it with an axe. Tragically this action allowed air to escape from the hull and it sank immediately , Mrs. Watkins made it out of the vessel as it sank , her daughter didn't.
2. Phegans Bay Public Wharf- In 1834 a local boy Ron Inman aged14 , dived off the wharf and straight into the mouth of a large shark and was killed
3. Correa Bay - in the 1830 a body was found floating at the end of Woy Woy creek , it was buried at the " head of the creek " , locals later referred to the area as Deadmans Creek up until 1968 when it was decided to change the name to make the area more appealing to visitors and land buyers. Another local man was buried here as well after a tragic accident , Angelo Lazzarino died after his gun exploded while trying to get throgh a fence while hunting wallabies , his body was not found for some weeks and because of his rumored connections to the Black Hand Society ( Mafia ) many thought he had neen murdered.
4. Bogan Rd , Ettalong - a small cemetary existed here , marked today by two large Pine trees , the last person was buried there in 1910 , by 1920 the land had been bulldozed over and sold to an unsuspecting buyer.
Buried here were: Mr and Mrs Bogan - former residents whom the road was named after.
Nine victims of the infamous Maitland bay disaster in 1898 , the bodies were recovered by men from the Rock Davis shipyard and brought to Ettalong for burial
A man named Mr Bushell
Mr and Mrs Booker - Booker Bay was named after the original land holders. The graveyard was never officially " sanctified " records show.
5. Ettalong Point - 3 persons from the ketch " Southern Light " were buried " on the rise at the back of the beach " in 1864. Rock Davis had found the badly decomposed bodies washed up on the beach and parts of the vessel which he could easily identify as he himself had built the craft some years earlier
6. Mt Ettalong - in the early1950's a group was having a picnic at the lookout above Pearl Beach , one of the group decided to lay back on the rock after his meal , looked up and began to go into hysterics.An ex serviceman had chosen the tree above him to hang himself from some months before , all that remained was a bleached skeleton dangling there above him.

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  1. Excellent post.

    The footbridge shoulda been named after that kid. I thought about writing a letter to the editor about it but the thought of the resulting argement put m off :)

  2. cheers Spike
    Yeh it could have been a good idea at the time , I signed a petition for using Spike Milligans name , there was a push to name it after C.R Staples but he already had the lookout so he copped out
    Bungaree bridge would have been nice as well seeming he was born in Koolewong

  3. Forgot about the Bungaree link. That woulda been good too.

  4. I cant believe bogan rd in ettalong had a cemetery on it!thats so creepy.ive walked down there a few times on my own of a night time & i always get shivers down my i know why!

  5. I owned a house up at horsefield bay ,two story about mid 90s i have never heard or seen apparitions until staying there i had friends come up from sydney who refused to come back due to bad noises and cold breezes .i also had dogs out back who would howl at different times at nothing day or night .elctric heaters turn on by itself ,doors slamming upstairs no wind and locked up .eventually living alone it seemed to be more frequent and the sounds of kids running up top floor ,i was a sceptic of this until i witnessed myself ,i actually thought i was going mad .i had a mate stay for 2 weeks whilst i was away i told nothing of what was going on ,when i got back he said you have got spooks here .i was not shocked but glad someone else witnessed it.


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